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Getting Started

Welcome on board our series related to blockchain-based technology and development. This series will serve as a crash course on all the new and exciting (sometimes confusing) concepts regarding blockchain.

As with most things in life, blockchain is built on a foundation of trust. If you want to set sail on the ocean, whether for a sundown cruise or a long voyage, you need trust. You need to trust the boat (and in effect the builders of the boat) to keep you afloat. You need to trust the sailor and crew to know what they are doing. You need to trust the knots and ropes that hold the sails. The same goes for blockchain.

We have developed a metaphor (figure below) to help make these ideas more tangible and less like technical jargon. We will use this metaphor throughout our series. The key concepts we will cover are: Decentralised networks, smart contracts, NFTs, tokens, swaps pools, blockchain-based investments, Decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and what the Telos and Yknot teams bring to the table.

Yknot DAO

Yknot Blockchain Solutions are here to build the boat in which you will explore this new world of possibilities, which include blockchain-based investments, distributed autonomous organisations and so much more!

But before we can talk about the boat, knots, and hidden treasures, we start our discussion with the ocean that lies ahead: Decentralised networks..